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Our Self-Adhesive lashes are unique to the lash world. We took our famously gorgeous 3D faux mink lashes and put them on a reusable, cushiony, self-stick band. First class lash styles, 5-star comfort-level! These lashes basically apply themselves. The black tacky band combined with your own body heat work together for a glam look that will last all day (or night!)

Yes, our Self-Adhesive lashes are latex-free.

STEP 1: Curl your natural lashes and apply a light coat of mascara, if desired.

STEP 2: Remove lash holders from tray and peel off lashes.​ Measure and trim the lashes to fit your eyes. Place lash holders back on tray to store lashes when not in use.

STEP 3: Apply the lashes along the lash line, pressing on the band to secure it to the skin. Your body heat will help the lash band stick and stay on all day!​ For extra security, apply lashes with an applicator and press them together with your natural lashes along the band. The black band mimics the look of eyeliner for a finished look.

You will still get great results applying our Self-Adhesive lashes over eye makeup, but for optimal performance and durability, we suggest applying them on clean skin. The black band also doubles as eyeliner! Once applied, complete your eye makeup routine. If you're applying over eyeliner or eyeshadow, consider cleaning your lashes more frequently to maintain their adhesive quality.

Our Self-Adhesive lashes can stay on for 12+ hours and are reusable for up to 5+ wears with proper care and storage.

When you're ready to take off your Self-Adhesive lashes, delicately lift and peel the band away from your lash line starting from the outer corner and moving inwards. If you need a little extra help, you can put a small amount of oil-free makeup remover near the band with a cotton swab or your fingertips and gently keep peeling.​

Always store your lashes on their original lash holders to preserve stickiness and shape.

After 2-3 wears, wipe the lash band with an oil-free makeup remover or water to clean and reactivate the adhesive.​

Warm the lash band with a hair dryer for 5 seconds and apply again.

Once the lash band is no longer tacky, you can extend the life of your lashes by using one of our lash glues to apply like a standard strip lash.

Absolutely! These will certainly be your new favorite performance lashes. They will stick with you through it all! See what we did there!? Perfect for the stage, track, court, and even the gym!

Some factors that could negatively affect the application of your Self-Adhesive lashes are not pressing them down enough on your lash line to secure the adhesion, oily eyelids, applying over too much eyeliner, and getting the lash band wet.

Here are some tips and tricks you can try:

- Blot your lids with an oil blotting sheet before applying.
- Warm the lash band with a hair dryer for 5 seconds before applying.
- After the lashes have been applied for a few minutes, hold down the inner and outer corners with your fingers. Your body heat will help activate the tackiness of the band for a better adhesion.
- Use an applicator to fuse the lashes with your natural lashes by pressing them together at the lash line, along the band.
- Sneak in a little Power Liner on your inner and outer corners to help with any lifting after a few wears and to also finish off your look.


Lilly Lashes 3D Undercover Lash Extensions are created with the same high quality fibers as our strip lashes but there are three major differences:

(1) Application: Our Undercover lashes are individual clusters applied underneath your natural lashes for a more natural, seamless look while traditional false eyelashes are applied above your natural lashes on your lash line.

(2) Size: These at-home lash extensions come in small segments, providing a more customizable look compared to traditional strip lashes, which are pre-made in a single strip.

(3) Length of wear: Our lash extensions are applied with a long lasting bond for multi-day wear.

We created at-home lash extensions with the same high quality, handmade, 3D layered patterns as our iconic styles.​ 3D Undercover Lash Extensions feature soft, fluttery layers of faux mink hair fibers and mimic the look of real lash hairs (no fake, plastic looking lashes here!). We created lash clusters in various sizes and lengths for ultimate customization, including 2 smaller inner corner lashes.

Click here to watch a step by step video


STEP 1 - Apply LASH ANOTHER DAY Extended Wear Lash Bond
STEP 2 - Apply lash clusters to the underside of natural lashes
STEP 3 - Using applicator, press lash clusters & natural lashes together

How do I apply my 3D Undercover Lash Extensions?

Ensure they are clean and free of any lingering makeup residue or oils. Make sure your lashes are completely dry before beginning application.

Apply bond to your natural lashes as you would mascara. Using the spoolie, focus on applying the adhesive to the base of your lashes.

Next, apply bond to the band on the inside of the lash cluster using the ball tip. Allow it to dry for 20-30 seconds and become tacky before beginning application.

Click here to watch a step by step video

If using THE BOND ELIMINATOR Adhesive Remover, open by cutting the tip of the nozzle with scissors. Please note, any oil-based makeup remover can also be used for removal.

STEP 1 - Squeeze a drop of remover onto a cotton swab or your fingertips.

STEP 2 - Apply remover where the lash clusters and your natural lashes meet to loosen the bond. Wait a few seconds and gently remove the lash clusters.

STEP 3 - Massage remover throughout your natural lashes to remove any excess adhesive before washing your face and rinsing your natural lashes clean.

To keep your lashes looking pristine, follow these cleaning steps:

Gently Remove Adhesive: After wearing your lashes, carefully peel off any adhesive from the lash band using tweezers or your fingers. Be gentle to avoid damaging the lashes.

Cleanse: Submerge your lashes in the cleansing solution for a few minutes. Gently brush through the lashes with a spoolie or a lash brush to remove any makeup or debris.

Rinse and Pat Dry: Rinse the lashes thoroughly with clean, lukewarm water. Pat them dry with a lint-free cloth, being careful not to tug on the lash fibers.

Store Carefully: Safely store your clean lashes in their original packaging or a dedicated lash case to protect them from dust and dirt.

The lashes are made for multi-day wear. For longevity, keep oil-based products away from the eye area. If needed, touch up with the bond and sealer.

Yes! With the right care, you can enjoy our 3D Undercover Lash Extension Clusters over and over again. Here's how to make the most of your lashes:

- Gently Remove Adhesive: After enjoying your lashes, carefully remove any adhesive residue from the lash band using tweezers or your fingers. Be gentle to avoid damaging the lash band or the fibers.

- Cleanse & Sanitize: Soak your lashes in a mixture of warm water and a mild, oil-free makeup remover. Gently brush through the lashes with a clean spoolie or a lash brush to remove any makeup or debris. Rinse them thoroughly and pat them dry with a lint-free cloth.

- Store with Care: Place your clean lashes back in their original packaging or a lash case to protect them from dust and dirt. Run through the lashes with a spoolie to separate the hair fibers.

- Handle with TLC: When reapplying your lashes, be gentle to prevent any damage to the lash band or the fibers.

Our lashes are designed for easy, gentle removal using our specially formulated adhesive remover or an oil-based makeup remover. Your natural lashes will remain unharmed, ensuring a seamless and safe lash experience.

Yes we designed the system with sensitive eye customers in mind. We recommend placing the lashes slightly above the lash line for a more comfortable fit.

Yes! You can continue wearing makeup while wearing our 3D Undercover Lash Extensions. However, we recommend that you avoid wearing mascara to increase the longevity of wear and the number of times you'll be able to reuse the individual clusters.

Avoid getting your lashes wet for at least 24 hours after application. Additionally, we recommend avoiding full submersion in water. While they may get slightly wet during a shower or splashed in the pool, if your lashes do get wet, allow them to completely air dry. Once dry, use the applicator to press the clusters and your lashes together. Reapply additional bond and sealer as needed to ensure a secure bond.

To wash your face, use an oil-free makeup wipe (we find this the easiest way!), or use an oil-free cleanser with a wash cloth or cotton pad to gently cleanse your skin and remove makeup. Avoid your lash line and be mindful not to touch your lashes in the process.

Make sure you start with clean, dry lashes. Avoid using any oil-based products around your eyes, as they can compromise the adhesive.

Make sure you're using enough bond on your natural lashes. Comb through your lashes with the spoolie and use the ball tip to focus bond at the base of your lashes. Additionally, make sure you're applying bond directly to the clusters as well. Give the bond time to get tacky before applying the clusters.

Once lash clusters are applied, don't forget to press your natural lashes and the clusters together using the applicator. Make sure to provide enough pressure to bind the clusters to your natural lashes and activate the bond.

Avoid getting your lashes wet for at least 24 hours after application. If your lashes do get wet, allow them to completely air dry. Once dry, use the applicator to press the clusters and your lashes together. Reapply additional bond and sealer as needed to ensure a secure bond.

It takes most people a couple of applications to master the process. Be patient and practice, and soon lash application will become a breeze! For our experienced customers, it only takes a few minutes per eye to put on a full set of 3D Undercover Lash Extensions!

While wearing lashes, it's recommended to only use oil-free products and avoid oil-based products. When it comes to removal, you can use oil-based products as these will help break down the adhesive.

Yes! Although the lashes come in pre-mapped styles, you can use the outer two segments to create a cat eye effect. If you want a more natural look, you can use the shorter segments.

You have the freedom to stack these lashes, as they are fully customizable.

Select your preferred cluster size and apply only two to the outer corner, or opt for our 'Espionage' style, designed for a flared cat-eye look.

Secret Agent features shorter and longer lashes that alternate to beautifully mimic the natural lash pattern. Espionage style features a V-shaped pattern with a flared design, with longer lashes on the outer corners.

Yes, the lashes are meant for underneath the lash line. However, we encourage your creativity! The lashes work beautifully on both the bottom or top of your natural lashes.

When it's time for a touch-up, follow the same application method as your initial use. To keep your products safe and organized, utilize the provided lash case and the box that came with the other components.

The inner corner lashes allow for ultimate customization. Designed to mimic the size of your natural lashes, they blend seamlessly to create an overall natural effect.