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Unapologetic Glamour for Everyone

Developed in 2013 by reality TV star Lilly Ghalichi, Lilly Lashes revolutionized the world of false lashes by creating the 3D lash concept with a promise to deliver on inclusivity, quality, and innovation.


From eye shape to price point and style to storage, Lilly Lashes makes transformative, best-in-class, inclusive beauty for all. Worn by Hollywood’s hottest celebrities, trusted by the most famous makeup artists, posted daily by the biggest social media influencers, and a favorite of lash lovers all over the world, Lilly Lashes are more than just lashes, they’re a lifestyle!


Product in the US Prestige Market

With the promise to deliver on quality, variety and innovation, Lilly Lashes has grown to be the most trusted false lash brand in the world. The brand continues to provide long-lasting, easy-to-wear lashes in a variety of materials (mink, faux mink, synthetic) and with unparalleled styles. With proper care, all Lilly Lashes can be reused -- making them a budget and environmentally friendly option compared to single-use lashes.

*Source: The NPD Group/ U.S. Prestige Beauty Total Measured Market, Dolllar Sales, January-June 2022


To make an impression

Lilly Lashes offers the largest selection of handmade, luxurious lashes carefully designed to cater to all eye shapes, ethnicities, and level of drama: from lite, natural lashes to the most glamorous, dramatic styles. We offer attainable glamour for every person on every occasion.

Lilly Lashes continues to lead the lash category by innovating high-quality lash collections and beauty products that cater to a diversity of eye shapes and price points.

Whether you are a lash beginner or a lash pro, Lilly Lashes has the perfect style for you.