Party Princess Bundle


Length: 15mm

Repeat after us: The party doesn't start until you walk in! Designed with an exquisite lite faux mink material, Goddess features semi-wispy hairs with gradual length, volume and a slight curl to create a subtle and elegant look. Easily apply your lashes and lock them in place with your choice of our Clear Adhesive or Mini Power Liner. Use our signature black and gold Mirrored Lash Compact for on-the-go touch ups and to store your lashes at the end of the night.

Bundle includes: Lite Faux Mink Goddess Lash, Mirrored Lash Compact, and your choice of Clear Brush-on Lash Adhesive or Mini Power Liner 2-in-1 Eyeliner + Lash Adhesive

  • Volume: Natural
  • Length: 15mm
  • Band: Full length
  • Shape: Round, most complementary to hooded or monolid eye shapes and smaller eyes
  • Reusable up to 25 wears
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