Espionage 3D Undercover DIY Lash Extension Clusters



Pre-mapped lash extension clusters

Espionage is a wispy flared lash with V-shaped patterns that add the perfect touch of volume, available in two lengths for ultimate customization. Our 3D Undercover faux mink lash clusters were designed with a thin black band and super soft fibers that make them ultra-comfortable for extended wear. Apply with our Lash Another Day Extended Wear Lash Bond.
10 pre-mapped 3D lash clusters
  • Material:
    Faux Mink
  • Volume
    : Medium
  • Length
    : Choose from Medium (13mm) or Long (15mm) length
  • Shape
    : Flare, most complementary to monolid and almond eye shapes
  • Reusable
    up to 3 wears with proper care