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Why You Need a Lash Serum in Your Self-Care Routine


Lash serums hydrate and strengthen lashes to stimulate growth in the lash hair follicle. Our Level up Lash Conditioning Serum is made with biotin & peptides to help strengthen and fortify lashes from root to tip and promotes a thicker-looking lash line. Antioxidant & vitamin blend helps to nourish, protect and restore lashes. Read below to see how to get your healthiest lashes ever.

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STEP 1: Apply serum directly to lash line on clean, dry skin.

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STEP 2: One dip of the brush is enough serum for both eyes.

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STEP 3: Allow serum to dry.

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STEP 4: Use 2 – 3 times per week for best results.

The serum works best when you’re consistent with application. We recommend applying serum at least 2-3 times per week for 14 weeks but apply every day for the best results. With our Level Up Lash Conditioning Serum, 97% noticed an improvement in the appearance of their lashes in just 14 weeks.

Here’s to happy, healthy lashes!