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What Lash Is Best For Your Eye Shape?


If the name doesn’t give it away, round eyes are more circular than other shaped eyes. This eye shape looks youthful and open. If you have round eyes and want to emphasize the shape, rounded lashes that are longer in the center will be perfect for you. On the other hand, if you ever feel like elongating your eye shape and want it to look less round, a gradual flare will lengthen your eyes. Below are two different Lilly Lashes options, the first one is to emphasize, second is to elongate.


Upturned eyes are very similar to fox eyes. Upturned eyes are angled upwards, and give off a sultry look that can be enhanced with false lashes.. If you have upturned eyes and want a more modern look, lashes with a gradual flare will enhance your eye shape. On the other hand, if you want to create a more oval look, you will need lashes that are longer towards the middle to balance your eyes. With upturned eyes, it is important to look for flexible and thin bands so you can play with the lash and be sure they can fit along your angled lash line.


Downturned eyes slightly come down at the corners of the eye and sometimes give off the impression that the upper lid is much larger than the bottom lid. Lashes that are heavier on the outer corners would not be ideal for downturned lashes since it would make your corners look droopy. Long or even natural looking designs with longer lashes in the center would look great on downturned eyes since it would balance your eye shape and give them a nice lift.


Hooded eyes usually mean that your eyelid comes down, which hides the crease of the eye. For an eye-opening effect, lashes that are longer towards the middle, where your iris is, would give a rounder eye shape. Lashes that are shorter towards the inner corner would also create a more open-eyed look. A flexible band would be ideal for you to play with it and properly fit the lash long your lash.


Monolid eyes usually do not have the appearance of a crease. Those with monolid eyes seem to have less prominent brow bones and flatter eyelids. To create a shape that appears more elongated, criss-cross lashes and multi-layered styles would be ideal for monolid eye shapes.


If you have almond eyes and want to accentuate your eye shape, a flared lash would be a good go-to since it will draw attention to the natural shape of your eyes. Here are some lashes that would look glamorous on almond eyes!