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The Hottest Festival Season Make Up Looks

Festival season is upon us and it's time to get your outfits and makeup on point! From bold and daring to earthy and natural, there are many types of festival girls out there, each with their own unique vibe. So, let's explore the different types of festival girls and their signature makeup and outfits. 


Feeling bold? Try a thick, striking graphic liner to amplify your eye look! With the viral “siren eye” trend that’s famously taken the makeup lover community by storm, it’s no surprise that this bolder version of a cat eye look is on our radar this season. Pair a flared lash with your graphic liner to give it that extra snatched “va-voom” factor! We recommend “Showstopper“ (for obvious reasons) or a 3D Faux Mink lash such as “Rome” or “Milan” to draw further attention to the eye.


We’re loving a metallic moment! Metallics are a current staple in fashion and beauty alike, seen prominently across high fashion brands on the runway and in everyday street style. There’s no better time to shine than festival season! Create the look with a metallic eyeshadow of your choice (we’re obsessed with Pat McGrath palettes) and add some Lilly Lashes to top it off. We recommend a full and lengthy lash style for maximum drama such as our best-selling 3D Faux lash "Miami". Be sure to swing by Sephora or Ulta to pick up a pair ahead of your festival road trip! For a more lowkey look with a bigger focus on the metallic shadow, use a lash from our Lite lash collection such as "Goddess" or "Royalty".


Matte browns, neutrals and elevated “clean girl aesthetic” will be major players this summer as we will see cross-over from this trending social media fad. Earthy desert looks are the perfect go-to whether you’re hanging by the pool or looking for a more subtle glam slay to beat the heat with. Use a brown mascara and one of our new Everyday Brown Blended lashes to achieve this look! Include a tinted moisturizer and a neutral pink lip for the full effect.


Rhinestone glam is all the craze, known to be a festival staple. This trend has become increasingly popular in recent years for festival-goers as a way to add a touch of sparkle to their makeup looks. We’ll continue to see Euphoria-inspired looks taking to the grounds this year.

*Pro Tip: Use the Lilly Lashes "Clear Power Liner" or the Lilly Lashes "Clear Adhesive" to secure your rhinestones on for long-lasting wear. This will help prevent your rhinestones from falling off while you dance the day away in the desert heat.