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Oh Polly x Lilly Lashes Miami Event Showroom Opening

The Store Opening

To celebrate the launch of the Oh Polly showroom opening, Oh Polly invited top Miami influencers like @sofia_bevarly, @bettyyarmas and @sofia_bevarly. Guests could get their hair done with Bondi Boost and get lash and makeup touchups with Lilly Lashes and Babe Original. Lilly Lashes brought their range of “Miami” lash collections to Miami. The "Miami" lash from Lilly Lashes has garnered a devoted following, becoming a staple for makeup enthusiasts and professionals alike. 

About the Best Seller Miami

The Miami lash boasts a design that seamlessly blends length, volume, and wispy texture. Its crisscross pattern allows for a natural yet intensified appearance, giving the eyes a captivating depth that demands attention. The lash is designed with varying lash lengths, with slightly longer lashes placed strategically at the outer corners to create a captivating, winged effect. This design not only opens up the eyes but also imparts an alluring cat-eye look that's reminiscent of the glamour associated with the city of Miami. 

Quality that Speaks Volumes

What sets Lilly Lashes apart is not just the aesthetic appeal but also the commitment to quality. The Miami lash is meticulously handcrafted, which ensures a lightweight and comfortable wear while maintaining a natural appearance. The lashes are designed to be reusable, allowing users to enjoy the allure of Miami lash multiple times – a testament to the brand's dedication to sustainability and longevity. 

Embracing Versatility: Miami Lash for Every Occasion

One of the most enchanting aspects of the Miami lash is its versatility. Whether you're preparing for a casual daytime outing, a professional work presentation, or a glamorous evening event, the Miami lash effortlessly adapts to any setting. For a subtler effect, the lash can be paired with a natural makeup look, enhancing the eyes without overwhelming the overall appearance. On the other hand, it can be paired with a bold and vibrant makeup look to create a striking contrast that's sure to turn heads. 

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We begin with the original, the one that started it all – the classic Miami lash. This lash features the iconic crisscross pattern, varying lash lengths, and strategically placed longer lashes at the outer corners, creating a winged effect that's both sultry and sophisticated. The Miami lash adds a touch of glamour to any look, making it a staple in many beauty arsenals.

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For those seeking a more subtle enhancement, the Miami Lite lash offers a toned-down version of the classic Miami style. With lighter volume and a shorter length, Miami Lite provides a natural yet alluring effect that's perfect for everyday wear or when you want a softer gaze.

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Taking the Miami winged effect to the next level, the Miami Flare lash boasts extra length and drama at the outer corners. This variation accentuates the cat-eye effect, creating a bolder and more daring look that's ideal for evenings or special occasions.

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Everyday Miami

The Everyday Miami lash features a delicate crisscross pattern and moderate volume, offering a gentle enhancement that opens up your eyes and provides a soft, natural look designed to seamlessly blend with your own lashes. 

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Magnetic Miami

The Magnetic Miami lash offers a seamless and fuss-free application process. Simply apply the magnetic eyeliner along your lash line, and watch as the magnetic lashes effortlessly adhere in place. This groundbreaking technology not only eliminates the need for traditional adhesive but also ensures a secure hold that lasts all day. 

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Magnetic Miami Flare

Much like its counterpart, the Magnetic Miami Flare lash features the convenience of magnetic application. The magnetic eyeliner guides the lashes into place, creating an eye-catching look that's ideal for evenings, special occasions, or whenever you want to make a dramatic entrance. 

In the realm of beauty, Lilly Lashes' Miami lash has earned its place as an iconic accessory that transforms not only one's appearance but also their confidence. With its expertly crafted design, commitment to quality, and versatility, the Miami lash invites individuals to embrace their inner diva and explore the world of glamorous possibilities. So whether you're walking the streets of Miami or simply seeking to infuse your daily routine with a touch of allure, the Miami lash is ready to sweep you off your feet and make your eyes the center of attention.