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Limited Edition! I'd Rather Be in Greece Collection

What is this collection all about?

These lashes are inspired by Our best-selling Mykonos lash transformed to create that sexy cat eye flare in ultra-luxurious Mink for the ultimate glam girl or Everyday Faux Mink length option for a subtle, playful effect. ​Santorini, is a must have wispy and flared faux mink lash designed to add subtle length and volume to compliment natural lashes. Made for lash wearers who love all levels of drama. Adding a bold, multidimensional effect to your eyes. From sultry summertime looks to everyday flared styles this Greece- inspired collection has something for every level of goddess glam!

Everyday Mykonos Flare

Introducing Mykonos Flare: Shorter, Sweeter, and Subtly- Foxy

Discover the revamped and enchanting Mykonos Flare LAsh style, reimagined to offer a shorter and sweeter alternative. This everyday faux mink lash design retains the dramatic V shape that made the original a hit, but now with a more natural volume, creating a subtly foxy-flared look that enhances your eyes effortlessly. 

The Mykonos Flare lash is perfect for both everyday wear and special occasions allowing you to effortlessly enhance your natural beauty. Whether you have hooded, downturned or almost shaped eyes, these lashes will beautifully complement our features, adding a touch of subtle allure. 

Upgrade your lash game and embrace the Mykonos Flare - because sometimes, a shorter lash is all you need to make a lasting impression.


Introducing Santorini: Ethereal Wispy Flare for a Soft Natural Glam

Indulge in the captivating allure of santorini with our newest lash style. Inspired by the unmatched beauty and romantic vibes of the island, these wispy flared everyday faux mink lashes are designed to add depth and volume while maintaining a soft glam look. Prepare to embrace your inner ethereal goddess!

The Santorini lash is ideal for those seeking to achieve a soft, natural glam with added depth and volume. Whether its a special occasion or the everyday wear, these luxurious lashes will elevate your look, leaving you feeling like a goddess

Elevate your look with Santorini and unleash the enchantment of Santorini's beauty in every flutter.

Mykonos Flare

Introducing Mykonos Flare: Coastal Cat - Eye Glam

Introducing the luxurious and glamorous mykonos flare lash style, now with a coastal cat-eye effect that will leave you mesmerized. This 3D mink lash offers the same irresistible volume and length as the original , but with an added touch of flare. Blending seamlessly with your natural lashes, Mykonos flare is the perfect companion for endless sunny days and sizzling summer nights. 

With its coastal cat-eye effect, Mykonos Flare adds a touch of charm to your look. Embrace the heat of the season with a mega volume that will make your eyes pop and turn up the glamor. Designed to complement almond eye shapes and larger eyes, mykonos flare accentuates your natural beauty, leaving you feeling confident and captivating.